Bad to own Usagi, a separate guy titled Ann was also competing to possess Mamoru

Having destroyed his recollections, Mamoru stayed their everyday life and in lieu of the new Sailor Senshi, it grabbed lengthier to have your to help you regain their memory. But not, part of Mamoru nonetheless got a heart having Usagi /Sailor Moonlight thereby split from him and you can turned into Moon Knight, exactly who grabbed Tuxedo Mask’s place.

From inside the Makaiju arc, Usagi made an effort to help Mamoru think about just who the guy to be real and you may win his love but is actually unsuccessful.

For the occurrence 13 of the season, the termination of the brand new Makai Tree Arc, Moon Knight reunited having Mamoru, restoring their thoughts. Ann, who Mamoru while the Sailor Senshi receive have been actually its foes in the disguise, remaining Environment as well as Ail, leaving Mamoru open having Usagi.

Sailor Moon Roentgen (Black Moon arc)

Together with recollections recovered, he and you can Usagi technically end up being a couple of and you may Tuxedo Cover up came back, nevertheless they in the near future get a hold of their matchmaking interrupted following coming out of this new Black colored Moonlight Clan and Chibiusa. In Black Moonlight Arc, Mamoru first started that have dreams once more similar to the previous seasons. This time, a mystical voice remaining searching in his desires, telling your that in case he would be to become with her, the world often die. Mamoru did not trust at first however, soon turned stressed. The guy temporarily left Usagi, but still stumbled on assistance the lady during battle just like the Tuxedo Cover up and you will installed aside together with her as the normal friends. Usagi was, still, heartbroken. She believe Chibiusa is the cause of the latest separation as soon as misleading other woman, Motoki’s sister, is their brand new partner. Mamoru manage act cold towards Usagi and when reached Motoki getting advice on how to ignore Usagi. Eventually, Usagi performed eventually come to comprehend the real cause of this new separation and you will recognized they plus they got in along with her.

Mamoru’s desires was indeed eventually informed me immediately following Tuxedo Hide plus the Sailor Senshi journeyed to 30th Millennium Crystal Tokyo and you will satisfied King Endymion. It actually was showed that new night to test the bond ranging from him and you can Sailor Moonlight, since their thread would-be important to defeating the brand new Black colored Moonlight Clan.

Mamoru, due to the fact Tuxedo Cover-up, proceeded stressed the fresh new Black colored Moon Clan to your Sailor Senshi until the newest clan is in the long run outdone throughout the 2nd in order to last episode of the season.

Sailor Moonlight S

With Usagi get yourself ready for this lady senior high school entrances reports, Mamoru ways they don’t continue dates shortly after she works improperly on a single out-of the woman evaluation, and that actually leaves Usagi in the rips. Immediately after Usagi will lose the woman capability to alter towards the Sailor Moon once their brooch are damaged by a Daimon, Mamoru attempts to cheer her up by exhibiting this lady a discontinued home laden up with stray kittens. Tuxedo Hide protects her in the Daimon Nekonneru if you’re the woman is struggling to transform and you will says to Usagi to run away, however, she declines. Instead, she really stands with your holding his hand and you will, when the Daimon symptoms, it is entirely repelled as well as their wants creates the new Spiral Heart Moon Rod. For her birthday, Usagi had disappointed from the Mamoru having not knowing just what go out it is, in the event she never ever also officially advised him when the lady birthday was in the first put. She need Mamoru to find their a pair of cup footwear she appreciated. Mamoru at some point discovered and you may purchased the shoes, and therefore Kaolinite infested which have black time. The latest mug boots turned into a Daimon, hence Mamoru Hindu singles dating site made an effort to defend Usagi away from due to the fact Tuxedo Cover up. Mamoru are temporarily captured however, is actually freed by Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon SuperS

Mamoru gets very active with his college or university thesis about show yet still will continue to help Usagi on her behalf purpose. Around the avoid of your show, King Nehelenia actually starts to bequeath spider webs to help you shroud the world inside dark, that creates Mamoru feeling soreness. Given that his reputation worsens, he had been compelled to stand behind immediately after it had been revealed out of Pegasus one to his system is during serious pain since the he could be physically linked to planet. It had been together with indicated that once the Prince Endymion, he was the latest leader of your own Wonderful Kingdom near Elysion in which he trusted Helios into Wonderful Crystal.